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TwoTrees has always advocated and created a completely free design lifestyle, making the concept of freedom easy to realize.

laser engraver

Laser engraver is a device used to engrave permanent markings on surfaces.

FDM 3D Printer

Emphasis on ease of use and simplicity on the basis of high precision and high speed

CNC Router

Offering a high level of performance and versatility for small to medium carpentry and joinery companies.

Enjoy one-stop shopping

TR2 Pro 4in1 Rotary

A rotary attachment adds 4th axis rotational functionality to your laser engraver so you to work on a wider range of projects and geometries.

Air Assist Kit

Minimizes heat around the laser head, removes debris around contact points, and helps the machine achieve better engraving or laser cutting results.

3D Printer Filament

Factory direct sales, a variety of environmentally friendly materials to choose from, more cost-effective, and a wide range of applications

3D Printer resin

High definition, strength and precision It can capture complicated details and has a strong adaptability, it can create challenging and unique model.

More Creativity from TwoTrees Owners

The TwoTrees Owners are always creating, sharing their ideas and giving each other advice. Join us now and let us hear more about you.

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 TwoTrees Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2017, TwoTrees is one of the professionals manufacturers of smart desktop devices in China, which today includes R&D, production and retail; creating high-quality products. TwoTrees is mainly involved in the technical fields of CNC laser engraving machines, 3D printers and peripheral accessories, and its products are exported to 96 overseas countries.

   We advocate the fastest way to realize creativity,let technology drive the fun of life.

More Service

Customer Service

365-day warranty guarantee, 24h professional online customer service to answer questions, matching the most accurate needs

Fast Delivery

Multiple overseas warehouses are free of tax and free of shipping, and can arrive at the destination within 7 days at the earliest

Technical Support

24h professional technical support, a full range of customized solutions to meet your needs efficiently and comprehensively


The product complies with international certification and has a number of certificates including CE, FCC, ROHS, PSE, etc.