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  1. The device is a 10W TS2 laser engraving machine
  2. It has an automatic focus adjustment
  3. It can engrave on a variety of materials, including stainless steel
  4. The set includes the device, acrylic board, plywood and other elements
  5. Assembly is simple, the instructions are clear and pictorial
  6. The device requires connection to a computer and power supply
  7. The engraving machine has many protections, such as guards and sensors
  8. You can configure the sharpness and other settings in LIGHTBURN
  9. The device can work with a memory card or connected to a computer
  10. Engraving examples include various materials such as wood and stainless steel
  11. The engraving machine has a large engraving area and high accuracy.
Installation of the TS2 laser engraving machine with 10W power. 🔧

In this video you will see a presentation and test of the TWO TRESS laser engraving machine model TS2 with automatic Y-axis adjustment , the power of this diode laser is up to 10 W. I invite you to watch. The TS2 engraving machine can be used to engrave on almost any material , including stainless steel , and cut thick plywood up to 10 mm and an acrylic board with a thickness of about 3 mm We receive the device in such a package inside there are 3 boxes with engraving elements And this is what the contents of all 3 boxes look like Before we start engraving and cutting it should be put together . The manufacturer has placed a guide on the attached memory card on how to deal with this problem. I will show you the entire assembly process in short. This is a 10W laser head with a lifting mechanism and an air support nozzle all elements for assembly , especially the screws, are very well sorted and described And the manual, although it is in English, German and a few others, is pictorial and very clear We start assembly All elements are very well fitted After assembling all four sides, set both trolleys in the same position on the resulting structure, mount the X axis Mount the head with the lifting mechanism, screw the cable guides, support the second guide with the limit switch the X -axis motor and the last element of the assembly connecting the wires assembly completed connect the power supply USB cable to the computer and possibly the compressor (you need to buy it) the device is quite noisy due to the fan at the head it also has all the safety features, an emergency switch and a flame sensor (and others)

Configure focus. 👓

despite the installed covers in the construction and on the head, it is recommended to use protective glasses, communication after connecting to a computer is not a problem , the device is immediately detected for the head to automatically adjust the focus, its operation must be configured

Configure the cutting and engraving buttons for a 7mm focal length laser. Add a custom button and enter the code $42.

in programs In LASER GRBL, right-click on the bottom bar add a custom button enter this code and name the button you can also add a custom button icon add another button engraving button the code is $42 = 7 7 mm is the focal length of this laser And another button, this time the cutting button, from the focal length of 7 mm , we subtract half of the thickness of the material , i.e. when the material is 2 mm thick, we subtract from 7 half of its thickness , i.e. 7mm minus 1 (half of 2mm plywood) equals 6 the point is to lower the laser head when cutting, we can configure the number of such buttons and use them depending on the thickness of the material

The engraving machine adjusts the position automatically. 🖨️

In the LIGHTBURN program, we proceed similarly , except that we use the console to configure the settings . When setting the focal length, first click on what material we will process (thickness) and then the starting position (home) the head will automatically adjust its position Engraving

Engrave designs on your smartphone! 💻📱

TS2 can also work without connecting to a computer , but you need to connect it to the WIFI of your home network , you must also insert an SD memory card in the device , we will be able to work from the browser on the computer or using application in the smartphone from the browser or application in the smartphone, we can engrave our projects or projects that we have previously stored on the memory card

Tests! 👍

Let’s go to the tests here are the results of the cut plywood 2mm thick plywood 3mm thick balsa wood 10mm thick pine wood cut 15mm thick four laser passes speed 100 mm/min power 100%

3mm engraving on a ceramic plate. 💪

the engraving and cutting area of ​​this engraving machine is 450 x 450 mm we can engrave and cut large elements On the Internet you can find a lot of such projects in DXF format for cutting in 3mm thick plywood engraving parameters on a ceramic plate

The engraving on the steel is clear! 💪

engraving on stainless steel at different speeds engraving at 10 mm/min is clear and deep engraving even on highly polished steel is clear photo engraving parameters

Thank you! 🙏🏻

And more examples of cutting and engraving The TWO TRESS TS2 laser engraving machine is a solid machine with a strong construction that can cut wood with a thickness of up to 15 mm , as you have seen, and engrave on almost any material engraving accuracy there is a large spot, it is only 0.08 mm, the advantage is also a large engraving area. Thank you for your attention 🙂