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✅-Powerful 20W Output Laser

✅-The most popular laser engraver.It is equipped with smooth engraving, faster engraving speed, higher accuracy


✅-Powerful 10W Output Laser

✅-More cost-effective and also suitable for delicate and fast work.It has stable structure and fast working speed.


✅-2.5/5.5/10W various specification options

✅-More suitable for beginners, easy to install. Best for users with no previous experience with laser engravers.


✅-Powerful 10W Output Laser

✅-Faster, latest smart laser engraving machine.
Safety Features and Smoke Filtration

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More popular accessories

The necessary collocations for using the machine

TR2 Pro Rotary

Support a variety of special-shaped objects engraving

Protective Cover

Special fireproof fabric and ventilation design

Air Assist Kit

30L/Min air output can quickly clean up smoke and dust

Honeycomb Panel

Accelerates the exhaust of smoke and protects the engraving plane from being burned

More engraving materials

Diversified engraving materials, bulk purchases are more favorable.